Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yes, Santa brought us scooters. The kids were so excited. They rode through the whole house since it was sooo cold outside! He also brought Lane so do-rags!!

Baking for Santa!! BIG MESS!!

The kids actually baked cookies and poured milk for Santa this year. We had cookie dough every where. They licked the mixer blades. Loads of fun!! Keith and I just laughed and laughed at them. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures.

Christmas at Meme's House

The kids had a great time this year playing with Neci. She is growing up soooo fast. (But so has mine). They played all night until Meme read books to them and Lane fell right asleep. Great job Meme!!!

Daddy's Boy???

Keith has been off since the first part of December. Lane has not gone to daycare since. He is definitely spoiled now!! He will say "He is Daddy's Boy now!" I think it is just a phase. He will always be momma's boy!

Visit with Santa

The kids went to see Santa. All they asked for were scooters. We will have to wait and see if Santa can bring them or not!! They better the GOOD!

Girl Scouts

As everyone knows, I am troop leader for Girl Scouts this year. We held our Investiture ceremony in November. We have 18 girls. (10 in Kindergarten and 8 in First Grade). I am enjoying every month that I spend with these girls. Some of them never get this much attention. I hope they all stay in Girl Scouts for many years to come.

School field trips

DeWitt Fire Station

Little Rock Zoo
(Shelby's best friends in her class)

Arkansas County Fair